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Below is a list of my main projects and games. Enjoy !

Fluffy Friend

Platformer/Puzzle 2D

Time Smash Revolution


Exploding Chinese Dragon


Exploding Dragons

Arena Shooter 2D




Here is a brief summary of what I do.

Unity3D Development

After a few years of HTML5 Development, I switched to Unity3D for my main tool for creating games and apps. I now have a strong knowledge of the engine.

Game Design

My 3-years studies as a Game Designer and Programmer brought me a strong Game Design base, helping me making my games funnier !

Web Development

School and internships allowed me to gain experience on a wide variety of Web languages, from the must-have HTML5 to the all-new NodeJS.


Want to learn a bit more about me ?

  • 2012-2015

    ISART Digital

    ISART is a private school based in Paris and teaching various jobs on Movie Animations and Video Game. I went into the Game Design and Programming formation. That's when and where I began to love programmation and to make my first games.

  • 2013


    My first internship as a developer was at Procheo, a little start up that makes applications on smartphones and tablets. At Prochéo, I mainly did Web Integration and plugin development in Javascript.

  • 2014-2015

    Persistant Studios

    At Persistant, I had many roles. I did mobile applications with Unity, developped a serious game in HTML5 for the Federation Française du Bâtiment, and had the luck to do some game and level design on an intern game of the studio, a Shoot'Em Up designed for PC and Mobiles.

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